Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow and double WOW...

My Spain collectors were in town today and I FINALLY got to meet them... What wonderful people! The new baby is two months old and the cutest baby I have seen.. (other than my grand babies OF COURSE).
They also bought two more of my pieces and are going to my gallery in Pozos tomorrow because they want MORE.. I am going to have to go to Spain to visit.. Look up Vigo, Spain. It looks like heaven. I just wish I had taken my camera to the gallery to meet them.
Also today I had two great students who are so much fun I would almost not charge them..
Tonight was the silent auction for Hospice. I did two pieces , I so believe in Hospices and ther program. They helped me with my husband, mother-in-law and my mother..
My two pieces were bid on big time and there was almost a fist fight over one of them at the last... LOVED it.... how much fun is that!!
The pictures are of my students ... and the painting is the one that the fight was over...

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