Sunday, July 26, 2009

AUGUST 8 2009 Save the date and come to Pozos

There is a new gallery in Pozos.

Don't know Pozos? Check out this article

The Grand Opening is August 8 from 1-5pm...
Wine, tequila and food!!!
Come see the art work and this wonderful space.
I am so proud to be Eva Alexson's first artist!
She also has the most wonder silver jewelry I have ever seen. The prices are about 1/3 the prices of San Miguel de Allende. Mainly because there is very little overhead. The Jewelry starts at 50p!
Eva has hired local women to make the most interesting clothing. The fabrics are all from the USA and include designer fabrics in silk. There are also hand knit silk jackets and shawls.
Local San Miguel del Allende Ceramic artist Rosa Torres has furnished the 'kitchen' with her unique one of a kind teapots, plates , bowls and outrageous sugar bowls.... that fat lady staring at you will keep you from dipping into the sugar!!

Come on out to Pozos on the 8th of August and see the new gallery located on the central square. Also it is the weekend of the Artist Walk... visit all the local artists in Pozos.
If you live in San Miguel there will be transportation offered. Check the Atencion Paper.
Hope to see everyone there...

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